Facing Challenges With Grace

Being a mother is not an easy job, but being a single mom is something else. Today we are featuring, Rianne, a mother of three, had a loving and fruitful marriage. From lunch break dates to raising their kids, Rianne and her husband did everything together. But their time as husband and wife was cut short.


Only a month after giving birth to their third child, Rianne’s husband (at age 29) tragically passed away. She was left alone to raise all three kids, leaving her with no time to grieve for her own loss. Rianne continued worked hard and raise her children to the best of her abilities. She knew that her kids only had her to rely on and she needed to be strong. She became of figure strength and hope for her children.


These photos aren’t just showing you a single mother, but rather a mother who has faced a very difficult challenge and has come out of it with a certain grace that only a mother can truly achieve.